All about TWISTS in yoga

Let’s talk about twists. What are they good for and what is important to remember when doing them.

Oh the benefits…

First off twists help your give that belly a kickstart. The digestive system is compressed by the twist which cuts off blood flow. When you release the wist the blood come rushing into the organs with fresh 1795507_10152719547496270_4142041685304815059_nnutritious blood, keeping those orange in top shape. You will also receive a little detoxification with a spinal twist. The twist that brings fresh blood cleanses the cells of waste. It is a nice add to a detox if you do one. The health of your spine is also increased with twists. Mobility is increased by stretching the spinal muscles keeping the spine active and mobile in its natural rotation. This also helps reduce the back pain as it increases the strength, counteracting the bad poor postures we take daily. All of that plus a boost of energy and some de-stressing. Your chest will open along with you shoulder and back which decrease anxiety and pent up tension. As you lengthen the spine you add space between the vertebrae giving you a better stronger posture which in turn brings you more energy.

How to…

  • Inhale and lengthen the spine from the hips to the top of the head.
  • When you go into your twist do it on your exhalation. This allows you to twist farther than with lungs full of air.
  • Twist from the lower spine up- so try to work up by twisting in the lower spine first then end with the twit with your neck as the last step.

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