When a heart and soul sings and flys!!

What makes my heart sing and shine light on my soul is that feeling of personal growth. The feeling of being alive. The moment when something clicks that I am passionate about. Being outside watching and feeling the texture of the air during different seasons. Taking in the ever changing mother nature that reflects the ever chaining ways of life. I feel alive when I take a chance only to find out that I am capable of something that I never thought possible. That moment where your body or mind shows a strength that you didn’t know you had. Theses things make my heart smile and give my soul wings  Even more so, my heart flutters when I watch my little ones succeed in conquering their hurdles. Like when Romy (9months) figured out how to hold steady on all fours for a couple of steps. She lights up proud and full of happy energy knowing she got it. Or when Finn (2 years) builds something only to have the most fun knocking it down with his non attachment for physical things. It is inspiring and my heart is filled with joy to see the love of my life be a father and a husband with compassion. With out putting himself first he gives himself to his family. Here is my life, my heart choose a trustworthy happy path that has led me to many moments, allowing my heart to open up and sing allowing the light to be shined on my soul. My little family teaches me, helps me grow and I love them unconditionally. Even with the ever chaining nature of life this is where the strength comes from. Remembering that through life and in moments of despair their is still sunshine behind the clouds, you just have to look for the little spots of blue sky. “No matter where you go go with all your heart”- Confucius



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