11012315_917076154990805_108480577_nSetting an intention can be life changing. It can start with a simple daily intention or be a years long intention. A goal to change something. Starting off with a clear intention makes it somewhat easier to get clear in your purpose. Why you are here and what you want to achieve. It could be something as simple as focusing on your breathing during your yoga practice or going a step further and focusing your movement with breath for a whole hour of yoga. And that moment of remembering to come back to your breath when you lose it is where it’s all at The intention being the achievement brings you that much closer to change, awareness and a whole variety of goodies.

 Waking up and setting our intention for the day is a wonderful way to start. Think of  being happy and smiling when you forget. You may start to see all the things as wonderful and special and start forget those frustrating moments. They can’t rain on our parade because we choose to he happy!
When we practice yoga and set our intention before we begin it can bring us some extra concentration. We can come back to it before coming into a advanced pose where we can possibly find an inch more of success once we come into it.
Being clear in our purpose helps remove the distractions, the “you can’t” and “it’s impossible”. It removes the clouds keeping you from reaching your goal.
Our intention to be fearless or to have awareness helps give us wings. It helps us to see the beauty in the imperfections and can have a special power to helps us see things differently.
An intention to focus on our foundation is a good example. The foundation is very important. It’s the stability and it’s what hold us up. It can come in many forms such as friends and loved ones.
In yoga the foundation is important in bringing the pose into is most functional and best form for your body. It helps to avoid injury and it is important to set our foundation before we pop up into any standing pose or even something like handstand. With a weak foundation gravity will take over. The foundation begins with what’s on the floor. And working up from there. The feet. Legs hips. Mid body. Shoulders. Arms. Neck and head. A good support system makes many things possible. The foundation is important for succeeding.
Setting our intention can shine light on things, and bring a new perspective to our daily lives. My intention for the year of 2015 is to “do not doubt yourself”. So far I have been able to do things I thought weren’t possible and I have been able to  surprise myself of the things I attempted. This will be a fun 2015!

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