new year, new home, new opportunities… the way life grows

10968309_10152713382111270_8010901967405683090_nYou know how when a year begins it takes awhile before your write the date correctly? Or how some years change and it didn’t seem like much changed. As if you didn’t really notice that a year went by. Or how some years change and somehow they begin like fireworks going off with lots of new things going on and everything happening all at once. For us we have had a lot of the normal new years. The last time we had a firework of a new year was in 2011 when we married moved to Germany and starred our lives together. But 2015 somehow tops it off for us. We bought a house right before christmas and we can not wait to move. For some reason though right after we signed the paper things that are not even connected started to happen.

Overwhelmingly, we are talking job opportunities that take us far away from the home we bought. Any one would be quick to say no thanks after such a purchase, but for us it is a job we thought would never come knocking. It is a job that takes me back to my home town with two little ones and a hubby in stow. Where I can share my family with my family. Not only does hubby have a lot happening on his front but I am finally, after 4 years, feeling at home and my opportunities are growing. We are growing roots with every day we spend here. The little ones have their routines and lives and friends. What bugs me most is not knowing what the future holds until we know where we live. But do we ever really know?

We now have the keys in our hands and we are officially home owners with the stress of moving lingering over our heads. We have boxes to fill, boxes to empty, things to give and sell, two homes to clean and straighten. All of these fireworks are fun though, they help you check back in to what your heart desires and find more about who you are. Plus they make all things interesting an colorful.



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