How to find time for your yoga with a family

As mothers or fathers we are always taking care of others. We have diapers to change, food to prep and messes to clean. Messes that grow over the course of a minute. So by the end of the day once you are ready to relax and let the kids sleep it is time to clean up and get things prepared for the next day. Kitchen cleaned toy picked up . Relax time is limited. Not that little humans are all that bad, they just make the “me time” rarer. So some tips on incorporating your yoga time in with a family.

First of all… you just have to do it. I mean there are moments where you j15246_10152709540336270_5313712900284981762_nust have to say “it is now me time now. Climb on me climb under me and disturb my concentration, but at least I have a moment just where I can take care of me.” Change the diapers on mini humans so that interruption for at least the next hour won’t be a problem. Feed hungry toddlers or at least lay snacks that a reachable out so little humans can reach. Then make sure toys are available or something interesting. Then sneak away if possible into the next room. 20 minutes is all you need. Do 5 sun salutations or meditate for 5 minutes. You need a moment for you. If sneaking out for a moment isn’t an option roll the mat out in the middle of the room. SOmetimes it’s fun to share the practice with mini humans. They can be entertaining. So possibly the best time to practice is going to be during nap time… if they nap. That means at least 30 minutes on a bad day and 2 hours on a good day. Maybe you can even squeeze a shower in. Really though. Get off your phone, your computer or get away from anything and take the moment to just be present and enjoy the silence.

Evenings are a bit difficult to do a home practice. For one you are tired from the day and less motivated. Unless we are talking Yin Yoga you wont be wanting to roll the good ol’ mat out. What may be possible is once or twice a week to go to your local studio. Arrange a weekly evening class that you and the honey can agree on. This is also a nice way to grow and learn new things to take to your home practice.

One other thing that can be a motivation is to join in on some yoga challenges on instagram. Just a little friendly reminder to do your yoga daily. No stress, No strings, but a little fun motivating task for mama.

Enjoy your moment for you. Take that moment for you. Now go find that mat and dust it off.


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