A Weekend of Progress

January 2015 is now over and we have 11 months to go for our resolutions that we set for the year. February 1st is for me a nice time to look back and see if I’ve been able to continue aiming for the goals I set.

For the end of the first month of 2015 I was able to join in on a 10 hour workshop with Patrick Beach in Cologne, Germany. Patrick Beach in case you don’t know is a very interesting and intriguing yogi from Portland, who puts together fun fiery flows that leave you sweaty but a happy explorer of your body and yoga.

1512303_10152697401741270_7197960648385589302_nThis weekend I made so much progress in, not only my intentions but also my yoga. My intentions for 2015 and in general are

1. do not doubt you’re self. When I check in right when I think I can not do it. I am able to say to myself try. Giving you’re self the chance to try as well as the time to adapt to learning can bring beautiful surprises.

2. My intention on being me and not caring what others say or think. I am who I am and there is no need to compare. No need to try and change for someone else. And being me makes me happy.

3. Collaborate and don’t compete. Working together is something that brings strength to you and to your friends. It makes community that much grow and bond.

Within the 2 hour and 30 min vinyasa flows with Patrick Beach you are able to really dive in deep into your abilities and strength. For me I was able to achieve some things I hadn’t before. I have learned it is because I have never given myself the time to be properly warmed up and open. There are moments of tiredness for sure, and the possible seems impossible. But then you focus and just do, magic happens. The tiredness melts away from the excitement of trying something new. Then you get there and are so full of joy you just want to give someone a high five. I am really proud of myself for getting there and arriving the point I wanted to be at. Not that I am by any means done with learning and progressing. I still have lots to work on but all the baby steps make a big step when put together. The evolution comes from trying new things and maybe that means doing it a little different the second time around. Like coming away from the wall for a handstand.

What I am really happy about after this 10 hour workshop and the weekend, is that I learned so many wonderful new things that I can incorporate into my practice and eventually share with others. On the 4 hour train back home I scribbled and jotted down all the information I could that stuck with me, which was fun to go back and think about. And the best part about my weekend of progress is that  I am one of the luckiest people and I am so grateful. I have wonderful special friends in different places and I have these wonderful opportunities that not everyone gets. I am extremely grateful for my husband who is such a supporter and without him none of this would be possible.

Love K.


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