letting go of doubt

That inner voice of ours. It can be something that really helps us decide what we should do and most of the time it is great to listen to out inner voice. There are times though that our inner voice limits us. It keeps us from breaking out of our comfort zone. Sometimes we try things over and over and feel like we are stuck and not getting any better at it. For me it is in Yoga often like this. I get down and impatient and I stop focusing on it. I think it won’t happen. But what if you knew you couldn’t fail? Would you attempt it again? Would you do better just because deep inside you knew you were capable?10934006_10152690717526270_3935775994020531356_n

After a lot of practice with Pinchamyurasana (forearm stand) against the wall for a long time I still doubted that I could do this without the wall. I thought I didn’t have the balance and I would tumble over again. I wanted to be sure and so I limited myself by sticking to the wall. Then one day someone made a comment that I was strong enough to do this without the wall. Someone just mentioning that to me gave me confidence to just try. Just having that confidence helped a whole lot. I found my balance and it felt amazing and invigorating. I was beaming with happiness after this. I did ruble a couple times but it didn’t matter. The fact that I multiple times found my balance was a huge success.

What if this idea was incorporated into multiple parts of our lives. What if we just stopped doubting that it is possible. Sure there are points where you fall, but pressing on and learning from the falls it what makes us successful. So don’t fear falling. Be confident that afterwards you stand up stronger than before.

Love K.

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