Long time no talk…

Time passes and things change. In fact change is constant and it is the one thing in life you can be sure of. The things that change are not always in our control. We can aim for goals and push our way in the direction we wish but everyone in awhile the winds change and we loose control.

For me a lot has changed since I last posted on here. Not that it really matters that I even write a post now. But Just for memory sake I will update who ever reads this on my Life and Yoga.

For one I spent my day playing with yoga poses and attempting to photograph myself. It seems silly but for some reason it changes your practice she you know you have to make the pose the best you can. Not only did I do yoga but I woke up to two little ones running the house hold. Hubby was already awake and doing his usual routine and getting ready for work. He is great he gives me a tiny bit more sleep before I have a day full of two energized kids. The oldest is Finn Taylor who is now in the fun time two stage. He turns 2 in March so almost there. The other is my little smiling sweet but crazy Romy. She is so funny to watch and interact with. She smiles at everyone and these days she is goo goo-ing all over with 7 months 3 weeks.

So for me the biggest changes are the little ones who are really what make my life colorful.

As far as my yoga goes I am finally able to teach and I have a regular class that really makes a huge difference. It is my first regular class and it is one thing that teaches me about who I am. It shows me where I need to work on my self on my teaching skills, and my interaction with others. I love it. It is a small beginning to something beautiful.

After two pregnancies I am ready to put more of my energy into Yoga. I spent a lot of time unable to work on the things I really wanted to and it was a downer. Now I can work on arm balances and handstands all I want. As long as I can handle the two mini humans jumping on me.



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