Today’s Yoga

Ahhh fall is really setting in here. I must say it seems like yesterday there were a lot less leaves on the ground and the sun was shining. This is my first fall, well first real fall that I get to actually live the changing of the season. I am from Florida. The north to be exact, and there we get cold weather and the leaves fall, but it happens differently. Our weather is only really cold at night time. Plus it feels like our fall happens in a week. Then its winter. Or one could say our winter is what Northerners would call fall.

So now I am here with in Germany where the winter is slowly making its way and every morning on my bike ride to school it is colder. I am not really sure how I will react when its freezing and I am on my bike, but time will tell. Ohhh man, I am excited and not really excited to live winter. Snow is exciting till you have to shovel it.

During todays weather, and after watching the leaves dance in the chilly wind. I decided to turn the little room heater up and did a bit of yoga to get me warmed up and cozy. After all I am still working on my arm work. I took pictures of postures that I love being in. I even did a handstand on the wall to show myself and you guys that I am coming along. It just takes time.

I do have to confess I have been a bit overwhelmed with school (bad excuse), but my new German course started and my routine has changed a bit. This is my last real class for German (YAY!!!). It is the “mother tongue” level, so I am a bit stressed, because I really want to succeed. This is when you tell yourself… it does not help if you stress yourself over it. Well, I find that when stress is around, just sitting and waiting for the storm to pass is a good idea. Which means I get LAZY. This right here is the problem and why my stress grows. What I am going to try to do is maintian my compsure as we do in our poses, even when they are uncomfortable. Life is not always comfortable, and how you work through it is the key. I need to face it and show it who is boss. I need to focus and watch the magic. I can get lots done when I just do it.

That said, have you ever done a check back on your progress. When you feel like you cant keep your focus on something, a project or yoga, or you feel like you are getting nowhere just do a progress check. Look back every 10-15 minutes and see how far you came. It is a good way to encourage yourself to finish and focus.


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