I feel as though my motivation come in waves. I am always either go go go or blah. When it is rainy, cold, and cloudy I find it hard to get out of bed and fulfill my day. I think it is more mental than it is anything else. I mean all I have to do is jump on a task and the rest follows, but the jumping on part is harder than it sounds. Through yoga we give ourselves motivation. We show ourselves we can successfully hold a pose, and do headstands. Even with yoga I find I have days where I want to just be. I don’t want to move, think, or work. What do we do for ourselves when our motivational side is slacking? I tend to distract myself a bit with my computer, or with the TV, but that does not get me anywhere. Drinking a cup of hot coco to bring some happiness back in the body is one way to start the ball rolling, but the key is to keep going. I find a lack in motivation is sometimes steamed from not feeling successful at what we are are working on. This is when we have to look back at how far we have come and remind ourselves we can’t quit now, we are capable. As for getting out of the bed on a cold, wet day, we need to have something to look forward to, like a warm shower, and the fact that we are going to feel good about ourselves by the end of the day. Why? Because we accomplished something.


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