A Yoga Detox, what is that?

Le massage huile sur toile

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I don’t know about you, but detoxing is new to me. I have heard of cleanses before, but I never really though much of it. I even saw a 7 day fall detox on yoga journal recently, but I was skeptical. They suggested doing such a detox in order to help the body adapt to the weather change from summer to winter and the cold air. For me I, I always have a runny nose, but I just cope. Although this time I am not in Florida, I am in Germany, and it snows here, so I decided to test the waters after watching a blog video about fall detoxing. It made more sense and in the video she said that I could do a detox anywhere from 3-7 days as a beginner. So no real harsh change or commitment. I get to decide. So the detox meant taking away something that is unhealthy and regular, like coffee and sugar. Also to do a Neti Pot routine. I like Neti Pots they clean the sinuses out nicely. Another thing for the detox was to preform an oil massage before showering in the mornings in order to counter act the affects of the cold dry air.

So here is what my detox looked like

5 days

no coffee

no Alcohol

no sugar what so ever (no sweets, no adding sugar to my herbal tee, ect.)

netti pot every other day

lotion massage every night (yeah I never woke up early enough to have time to oil massage myself before I showered)

So how did it go? Well, I thought It was quite easy and I actually did 6 days because I loved drinking tea so often, and I did not drink any alcohol, although I did have honey the last day on my yummy bread. I must say though I have had less cold problems so far as I normally do when the weather changes. I would recommend a light detox to anyone.


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