A run and some Yoga

I love incorporating running into my yoga practice or yoga into my running. So yesterday I ran 30 minutes through the fields around my house, which sounds like I live in the country, but here in Germany its different. There are farms literally everywhere, and little walkways for everyone to use. Right now there is corn, cabbage, pumpkins, and rapeseed flowers for oil growing, and it is so pretty on a nice day. Plus the sun was shining after a rainy weekend and I wanted to be able to enjoy it a bit, so I did nice easy paced run to start the week off. As you can see, I took a few pictures of the path I took and then of my yoga session. I must that I felt energized after my run, and I felt I could push myself a bit more through some of my arm balances. I even had a breakthrough on my side crow pose. I was able to hold it longer with out problems. Yay!!  When I tend to do yoga after a run I usually focus on stretching out the legs, hip flexor, hamstrings, calf, and I love neutralizing the back with some twisting poses. This time I did all of that but made it more like a work out with core work, and arm balances. Afterwards I felt totally refreshed and my body was super happy it got some love.

What other sports do you do around your yoga? Does the sports work together with yoga or do they help one another in a way?


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