What do you like to do on Sundays?

What do you like to do on Sundays? For us Sunday means it is the last day to chill before the big Monday comes around, so we try to really take advantage of it. We get the last things done around the house after a relaxed breakfast and then when the weather is good, we do something outside. Here great weather it getting harder and harder to find, so when the sun shines you better take the opportunity to enjoy it.

For us the weatherman said RAIN… uuhhhgg! The whole weekend full of rain. But between the rain we were lucky to find some sunshine. So we went to a place down the street… well somewhat down the street. This is a special place and it is beautiful on a sunny day. There are 7 old mills along in a big spread out area, but one in particular is still up and running, and is super cute. You can get there by bike from our house in 10-15 minutes, up and down hills. By car 5 minutes. Walking 30, which I like to do, but when rain is a threat don’t chance it. So I suggested bikes, since we needed a refreshing activity, but we took the car since my Husbands tires were to old on his bike.

So when we drove up, parked, and walked the 5 minute path from the parking lot laughing about the cute kids running around. This place is always full of life, and there are donkeys, cows, chickens, horses, and cats always up to something. The mill is called the Donkey mill, but really name Eselmühle in Swabian German. There is a organic store underneath a cafe which has a huge garden with cute tables scattered throughout it. There is a restaurant and of course a place to pet the animals and toys for the kids.

So we sat and enjoyed some cake, coffee, and a stroll around the area on one of the last semi warm and sunny days in Fall.


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