Different Yoga Medias

I am not sure about you, but I loved going into the yoga studio and laying out my mat waiting for it all to begin. Lately I have been forced to re-discover whats around me and one of those things is a yoga studio. So between rooting myself and discovering my new home I find ways to make my home my studio. So what is out there to guide me besides books from the book store.

There are Internet sites with videos and pose descriptions:

Yoga Journal is a good one. They are diverse and they have challenge poses, videos, and descriptions. They even have a search to help you find a studio near by.

Yogaglo is super awesome for someone that does not have the ability to go to a studio. You can follow a class that has been recorded during a normal session and feel like you are in the class yourself. It is cheaper than a yoga studio membership too. Only $18 a month. Plus They have a great selection of teachers with a wide variety of yoga practices.

There are Podcasts that you can follow along with:

sunroseyogapodcast is a podcast that a teacher casts while teaching a class. It is sometimes just nice to be able to have someone giving you a flow to do. Instead of wonder what pose to do next.

Mediation Podcast can be helpful to guide your concentration as you meditate.

There are also various videos online

Yogatic  is well organized and slow enough that it is easy to follow.

Kathryn Budig is a great teacher and has a lot of different videos to follow. She can be found also on yogaglo, yoga journal and many others.

These are just a few of the many different yoga medias out there for home practicing. As for myself I will be rolling out the mat soon after a quick jog around the town before the sun goes down.


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