Meditation in a moment

Meditation was at first not attractive to me and it was a challenge. Mainly because I am the type of person who likes to fidget, wiggle and think constantly. When someone says to me relax, don’t think, empty your mind. I am still day dreaming about a beach, the sun, being outside, and moving around. I thought, ahhh not my style, meditation is not for me. Then recently I was sick with a stuffy nose, sore throat. I thought that yoga would be nice but my body is to sore and plus I need to let my body heal. So I surfed the internet with yoga on the mind and I happened to see a video about meditation for beginners and healing on It was simple. You sit for 10 minutes (which goes by really fast) in a relaxed position. You focus on your breath going in and out, and you close your eyes. When you wonder with your mind you just go back to focusing on your breath. The healing part of the meditation was about focusing on the area injured or painful then sending it healing thoughts and energy. For me it was my body in general and I sent it healing thoughts. I felt a lot better with breathing and the next day was better than the last. I was on the healing curve of illness. The important part was remembering that relaxing helps the body heal, and allowing the body to do what it knows how to do in order to get you better.

Since my first meditation experience I noticed that I feel rejuvenated after wards. I feel de-stressed and happier. Then I was curious what would happen if I did a meditation in times of frustration or anger. I really don’t enjoy being upset because all my energy goes to waste plus I look stupid for being all mad. Then I saw this meditation in a moment video. I experimented with the idea a bit. One time I was stuck in traffic for hours and I preformed a one minute meditation. Another time I was simply upset because my husband was all upset and frustrated and was indirectly taking the frustration out on me, and this is never fun. I normally get upset but I decided to try the one minute meditation and I forgot I was even upset. I think this really works. The take a deep breath and count to ten was ok, but never really long enough. I think you have to train to be able to really be rejuvenated after a 10 second meditation.


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