Working on Arm Balancing

Have you ever seen a successful arm balance done? If not then check out Tiffany Cruickshank. She is a wonderful yogi that I stumbled upon one day. I just saw one black and white picture of her in an arm balance pose with a thoughtful expression and wanted to know who this is and how to get to this point in my practice. I have followed a few of her classes that stream on out of Santa Monica. She really is practical when it comes to the practice and guiding students to strengthening themselves in many aspects such as life, their body, and mentally.

Since I discovered Tiffany I have been discovering my own arm balancing. Well, in general balancing, but more often on my hands, head and arms then before. The core is the main part engaged in any balance, and this requires me to really focus on building my core.

What I struggle with the most is my hamstrings and remaining flexible in my legs and simultaneously using my core to balance everything upside-down. So I preform yoga moves to stretch the hips, hamstrings and quads. In fact all of the basics do this. That is why the goods guys don’t forget their roots and always check back in on the basic moves.

There are different tools to help with any balancing. I like to use a wall for one, because it helps to find the center without falling.  I found that I could bring myself up to the position and get my body acquainted with the feeling of being upside-down. Plus the control of getting up there is my big struggle. When I power up or kick up it is almost always to powerful. This is why the core is important in order to control by slowly raising and lowering the legs.  Second tool I use is a pillow or folded blankets as a safety. It is more for the mental aspect. I think less of falling and it hurting when I have this bumper. It works great for the crow pose.

I will be posting pictures of my arm balances to show that it only takes practice till you get there. Hard work prevails., and I encourage others to post their pics of arm balances, headstands, and shoulder stands to show what you can do and what all your hard work has done for you.


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