Finding the right Yoga class

Finding the right class for yoga can be sometimes easy and sometimes difficult. It all depends on where you are and your connections. As for me, I am new here in town and I have no clue studios fit to me, and my practice. Plus I have to locate which ones best fit my budget and my travel abilities. I don’t have a car so I rely on my two feet, a bike and the local transportation.

As for finding the one that fits me and who I am can be difficult and fun. First of all it is a discovery of your practice. You go a test class to see how the teaching is and what the focus are. Meanwhile you are learning the different styles of teaching and discovering something new. Some love music while practicing, and others love the breath of fire to get warmed up. It is interesting and a part of learning.

All though going to every different studio can be time consuming and frustrating, it is curious what each studios background is and discovering different aspects and styles of teaching. For example, I went to a studio yesterday to check out the German yoga world for the first time. I was excited and nervous all at the same time. I was unsure how my language skills would go with my relaxation. Will I understand everything? I have only been here 7 months and that is how long I have been speaking it too. Although I do feel I get along well with the language, taking a class where I have to relax and focus on the words was interesting.

When I search for a class I try to find a power yoga type of class. Something in the realm of vinyasa flow class is also good.  So as I am looking at studios I try to go to a class like this so that I am not doing something that will turn me away or bore me. Not that yoga bores me when it is slow, but I like to test my body’s boundaries and do more strenuous poses in order to challenge my self. Of course it is important to remember not to push yourself to hard. One must go slow and do what they can, but also find the moments to test the boundaries. In a class that is easy going I find it hard to find those moments.

I have a few other places on my list to try that are near by, but none that are easily accessible by bike, or foot. In the mean time I practice at home with what I know. I try to work on the areas of my body that I know hold me back from certain poses, and find my balance in the harder ones. Plus I discovered where one can follow a class online. It is as if you are at the studio with most videos, or you are having a private one on one class. The only part missing is someone correcting your alignment. This is what I find important for yogis. Even some teachers like to be checked out to make sure the alignment is correct. There is always room for improvement.

How did you find your studio that you go to? Did a friend refer you or did you just see it as you walk home everyday? How does your teacher teach and what makes your favorite teacher your favorite. We all enjoy someone’s style of teaching more than another’s. We are human. How do you get to class? By car, by foot or by bike and how long does it take you?


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